FAIRR has developed a set of three aspirational principles, which act as a first step on an investor’s journey to assessing risks and opportunities linked to factory farming in their investment processes.


The three FAIRR principles are as follows:


Principle 1 – Transparency: We will support transparency on standards of livestock production by the entities in which we invest

Principle 2 – Investment Decisions: We will consider the ESG implications of livestock production in our investment decision-making

Principle 3 – Stewardship: We will include the ESG implications of livestock production in our monitoring and engagement


Signing up to the principles are not a condition of joining FAIRR, but investors can choose to commit to the principles.

These principles are deliberately worded to signal the start of an investor’s journey, when it comes to understanding and acting on factory farming issues. Over the coming months and years, FAIRR aims to provide its signatories with all the tools and support they require to implement the principles.