Joining the network

Joining the network

Over 70% of the world’s animal products now come from factory farms. This figure is rising fast, yet there remains a worrying knowledge gap about what the short and long-term risks of this trend are. The FAIRR initiative aims to build a collaborative network to help investors plug this knowledge gap.

Our primary aim is to build a network of investor members, but we also welcome individual members.

Why Join?

There is no cost to becoming a member of the FAIRR network and benefits include:

  • Access to new research and analysis on the potential material impacts of factory farming.
  • Regular updates, presentations, newsletters and private essay writing service events.
  • The opportunity to join collaborative engagements with relevant companies, run by our partners ShareAction (investor members only).
  • Access to best practice tools, networking and knowledge sharing with the FAIRR investor network.
  • Showing a public commitment to considering factory farming issues as part of the investment process.

Our current investor members include: